Hartmann Blue Ink was founded in 2006 and has been managed since then by Karin Hartmann. HBI comprises a label and a music publishing house, and the company also participates in several projects.

Since 2007, Hartmann Blue Ink has managed the catalogue of Coconut Music Ltd & CO KG. In addition, Hartmann Blue Ink holds shares in "A Song for you", the international download shop, and its German counterpart, "Ein Lied für Dich" ("Song for you").
A music publishing house is also part of the organisation. All the titles belonging to Edition Halbzeit were taken over in 2005, and they were joined in the following years by many interesting songs, including by songwriters such as Carsten Wegener, Timo Hohnholz, Jens Frisch, John Anselm and Alex Komlew.


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